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Created on 2009-05-05 00:36:15 (#286135), last updated 2012-07-20 (269 weeks ago)

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Name:Fans and lovers of the Duo/Heero pairing
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place for all those, who love the 1x2 pairing
This is a place on DW, where the Duo/Heero (or Heero/Duo) fans can show of all their work. From fanfiction, thorough fanart, icons, amv's or even layouts, anything is welcome, as long, as the main focus of it is the 1x2 pairing (or any variation of it, like 2x1, 1=2, 1+2, etc.)

Membership is moderated, to ensure that every member is ok, and to lessen the probability of hatefull, spamming or illigal material posted to this comm. After a request to join is send out (you need to click Join this Community to do that) one of the mods will verify it, and grant you acces. After that you may post away as you please :)

Only RULES regarding the posting, are standard things for most comms:

♥ Use cuts to conceal longer entries, so as not to spamm other users reading pages. Any fanart, fiction, films, icons, long discussion posts, or ANY spoilerish or NSFW material MUST be under a cut. Entries that do not abide to that rule, and are not edited after an apropriate lenght of time, will be delated.

♥ Mature content must also be f-locked to the comm. That means any explicit fanfiction, fanart, and so on.

♥ Please write the nececary info before your entry. That is:


♥ Please, use the tags (once we put em up ^^;). It's for everybody's conveniance. If you would like to request a tag, please write one of the mods, and they will help you :)

NO FLAMING, SPAMMING, AND NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS! That includes RPG comm adverts, that are not solely 1x2 oriented, any comm adverts, that are not 1x2 or generaly Gundam Wing(advertising any het comms will get you banned immediately).

What IS allowed?
Any fanwork that concerns the 1x2 pairing, any questions and discussions concering either Duo, Heero, or the relationship between them, any official info for the fandom, adverts of other 1x2 or Gen GW comms, fic searches [but only for the 1x2 fiction], and advertisements of 1x2, Duo, or Heero merchandise to sell (for ex. Doujinshis)

Violating any of the rules above may get you a warning. repeated violation, or posting hatefull, homophobic or explicitly het material will get you banned without warning.

Any questions or complains should be forwarded to the moderators. Please do not post concerns about the community on it. We are happy to help, but please, take into consideration that we are only human beings, and answering 100+ messages that ask how to make a cut, or how to f-lock an entry, can make us go crazy. Please consult DW's FAQ before voicing your problems to us.

Thank You!

The Moderators.
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